The Missouri Business Portal takes accessibility very seriously, and thus, have made every reasonable effort to make the web site accessible to all users. The site has been designed to comply with the Missouri IT Accessibility Standard, which is based in the federal Section 508 standard for web sites. It has also been designed according to Missouri's Digital Media Developers guidelines for designing for accessibility for disabled users.

Special note for Internet Explorer:
In meeting accessibility standards, we have made the text size based on the browser's default settings. The Missouri Business Portal has been designed to the common size setting of "Medium". If the text size appears tiny (or large), the browser options are most likely set to that specific value. To remedy this, change the browser's options by going to View...Text Size...Medium (or other desired size). You'll notice that the site's text scales according to the selected settings.

Access Keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts which allow a visitor to navigate around a web site without having to use a mouse or other pointing device.

Some older versions of common browsers may not support the use of access keys.

The key sequence differs for Windows PC and Mac machines, but it generally works as follows:

  • Windows with Internet Explorer: press ALT and the access key together, then press ENTER.
  • Windows with Netscape: press ALT and the access key together. (You do NOT need to press ENTER.)
  • Windows with Mozilla: press ALT and the access key together. (You do NOT need to press ENTER.)
  • Mac: press CONTROL and the access key together. (You do NOT need to press ENTER.)

Access keys for the Missouri Business Portal have been assigned as follows:

Site Access Keys/Navigation
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