Missouri Works Training is the state’s premier company training program! Its sole mission is keeping our Missouri companies competitive, by increasing the skills and productivity of our workforce.

In 2013, Missouri Works Training was established to consolidate the state's industry training programs into a single, streamlined program - affirming our continuous commitment, since 1987, to industry training.

Missouri Works Training can provide funding assistance when companies need to upgrade worker skills due to:

  • New products or processes.
  • New Technologies.
  • Competition driving quality or productivity improvement.
  • Relocation or expansion.

Leading Edge Training

Missouri Works Training customers get leading edge training that is customized for their companies. Unlike other industry training programs, Missouri Works Training lets the customer decide who will deliver the training.

Examples of training include: Specific Technical Skills, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Team Building, Communication, Safety, International Quality Standards and Leadership.

Pre-Employment Training:

Missouri Works Training can customize employee recruitment, screening, and training for eligible new or expanding companies at no cost.

Unique to Missouri:

It is the company’s decision who delivers your training. It may be staff from our Training Team, company experts, private vendors, or any combination of the above. Missouri Works Training has a proven track record through projects such as the Boeing Pre-Employment Training Project.