Missouri Works Training connects companies with  a member of our Training Team who is certified to guide companies through the application process and provide ongoing management of approved projects. Our Training Team can help you define your training needs, locate or provide training resources, and help keep your project moving forward.

Funding Basics

Missouri Works Training provides funds directly to companies based on their application and training plan. Our professional staff determines the best funding option for your company. Some training may require a company investment in training of 50-percent.

After Funding Approval

Once you receive the go-ahead for your training project, it’s time to start training! Training might take place in a classroom setting, on-the-job or at a company facility, or in a skill training center operated by one of our expert training providers. You decide who provides the training – a skilled provider from our Training Team, a company expert, or a private vendor you prefer.


As one of the top auto-producing states in the nation, Missouri is home to both Ford and GM facilities as well as hundreds of Tier 1, 2 & 3 suppliers. Our training is flexible to meet the just-in-time strategies of this demanding sector.

Leading Edge Training

  • Robotics and Programmable Logic Control Systems
  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics
  • Welding including MIG, TIB and Stick equipment
  • Leadership, supervisory, problem solving, team building, coaching
  • ISO 14000. Quality, process improvement and safety

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Successful new product launches are critical to the overall success of Ford Motor Company and a key factor in determining future sourcing locations - and training enables that success.

Missouri Works Training is a key component in training a world-class workforce for Missouri’s advanced manufacturing sector. Partnerships with high-profile companies, such as Boeing and it’s many suppliers, help us develop training expertise that benefits manufacturers of all sizes.

Leading Edge Training

  • Maintenance Training and maintenance calculations, troubleshooting of production equipment
  • Process Control Software, asset management, and scheduling inventory
  • Various equipment and instrument training
  • Quality and continuous improvement


  • Sheet Metal Riveting, Fabrication and specialized welding
  • Electrical and mechanical training
  • High Performance Work Organization
  • Value Chain

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As home to nearly 3,500 bioscience companies, world-class research institutions, and a highly-skilled workforce, Missouri is considered a bioscience powerhouse. Missouri Works Training is equipped to train workers for the rigorous processes and standards utilized by customers such as Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Beyond Meat, and ABC Laboratories.

Leading Edge Training

  • Lab management systems and work flow automation
  • Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Lab Practices, and quality standards
  • Metrology Training, calibration, traceability, systematic bias, and measurement
  • Lab Safety related to chemical safety, chemical waste disposal, and emergency procedures in the laboratory
  • Six Sigma
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Production operations

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Why is ABC Labs ranked in the top 20% of Contract Research Organizations? Because of their specialized, cross-disciplinary technical training supported by the Missouri Works Training Program.

A number of world-class healthcare companies have chosen Missouri as the place to do business. Exacting standards for chemical and pharmaceutical production require workers with very specific skills.

Missouri Works Training for new and existing workers at companies such as Jost Chemical, Sigma Aldrich, Bayer CropScience LP, Vi-Jon, Inc., and GlaxoSmithKline has helped attract and maintain these jobs in Missouri.

Leading Edge Training

  • Standard Operating Procedures and production operations
  • Chemical Transfers and Reactions
  • Preventive maintenance and equipment maintenance training
  • Leadership, supervisory, team building, and communications
  • Lab Safety related to chemical safety, chemical waste disposal, and emergency procedures in the laboratory
  • Six Sigma

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Committed to providing advancement opportunities to its workforce, Vi-Jon, Inc. continually offers training specifically designed for employees interested in taking advantage of promotional openings within the company.

For the past two years, Missouri has led the nation in the creation of tech jobs. Missouri Works Training enables IT shops such as Cerner Corporation, IBM Corporation, and Jack Henry & Associates to customize training to their specific technical needs.

Leading Edge Training

  • Application Software and Design – training on programming languages and platforms
  • Project Management and successful implementation
  • Process Improvement implementation and management
  • Security, Asset and Risk Management
  • ICD Training for Coding Specialists and Coder cross-training
  • Oracle
  • iOS Language Development
  • Hardware and integration middleware
  • Network/Security Services and operating systems

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Training is a key part of Cerner Corporation’s commitment to designing leading-edge health information technology for healthcare providers and consumers around the world.

Missouri’s diverse energy sector allows us to be a leader in the production of everything from power generation components and transformers, to solar films and engine remanufacturing.

Missouri Works Training has experience supporting the cutting edge practices and high quality standards of companies like Meramec Electrical Products, ABB, Inc., 3M, Northstar Battery, Central Power Systems and the SRC to name a few.

Leading Edge Training

  • Engine Repair - including diesel - and assembly/disassembly and diagnostics
  • Preventative maintenance, hydraulics/electronics
  • New after-treatment systems and Selective Catalyst Reduction
  • Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and ISO
  • Advanced Training in PLC programming fundamentals, blueprint reading, GD&T, measuring instruments, electricity and quality testing
  • Robotics maintenance and repair
  • Technical training in areas of 3D print reading, machine operation, welding, core table, coil winding and transformer production systems
  • Quality assurance training

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Due to expansion and growth, Meramec Electrical has training needs for both current employees and new hires to keep the company as a top competitor in the world market of transformers. Missouri Works Training allows Meramec Electrical that flexibility.

Missouri is home to numerous corporate headquarter and financial operations. We receive top marks in corporate climate and are the only state with two Federal Reserve Banks.

Missouri Works Training has helped enhance the competitiveness of our workforce for customers that include Lockton Companies, Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Hallmark Cards, Inc., and Centene Management.

Leading Edge Training

  • Financial Management Training, financial implications and better management practices
  • Customer Care Training to improve customer care in communications and processing
  • Performance Management and Process Management
  • Process and Systems Training
  • Negotiations, Communications and Interpersonal Skills
  • Help Desk Training

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Through launching new learning programs and providing company-specific training, Lockton Companies is well-positioned to provide quality service to thousands of clients.

Missouri boasts one of the largest road systems in the county, is served by all seven Class I railroads, two international airports, a U.S. Customs port of entry, and two inland waterways, making it the perfect location for the distribution of product and transportation hubs.

Missouri’s transportation and logistics companies like yours demand a highly-skilled and highly-trained workforce. Missouri Works Training has repeatedly delivered flexible and just-in-time training for companies such as Cardinal Health, UTi Contract Logistics & Distribution, and Ozburn Hessey Logistics, LLC.

Leading Edge Training

  • Process Control Practices and new systems, safety training, new processes and process updates
  • Quality, ISO/Lean Training, new elements in Kanban and Kaizen
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Supervisory and Leadership

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By developing a UTi-Client team approach achieved through workforce training, UTi is offering supply-chain solutions maximizing both efficiencies and cost-effectiveness for clients.