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How do I start and operate a business in Missouri?

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How do I register my business?

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What are the ongoing requirements for my business, such as annual filings, licenses, and permits?

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What resources are available to support my business?

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Quick Steps to Starting a Business

Step 1

First, research your business. Consult with state and federal government resources and other professionals, such as an accountant, attorney, financial adviser, and other experts for advice regarding your business.

Step 2

Next, register your business with the State of Missouri.

  • Create a business entity
  • Obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Register for required state taxes, including unemployment tax, where applicable
  • Register with other Missouri agencies if required in your industry

To ensure that you have the information needed to successfully complete your registration, please use our Business Registration Checklist PDF file.

Step 3

If necessary, register for a business license, permits, and other taxes with local city or county.

Looking for a Business or Exempt Organization Registered in Missouri?

To find a business registered with the Secretary of Stateís office, go to the Business Entity Search.

To find out if a company has had its sales tax license revoked for failure to remit sales tax collected from its customers or for failure to remit income taxes withheld on behalf of its employees to the Department of Revenue, go to the Sales Tax License Revocations Search page.


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What's New

  • Permits Lookup.
    You are now able to look up State Permits and Licenses required for doing business in Missouri.
  • City/County Lookup.
    You can now look up your city, county, and health department to determine what, if any, local requirements there are.
  • Sales/Use Tax Bond Calculator.
    You can use the sales tax bond calculator to compute the amount of your sales tax bond.

Wanting to do business with the State of Missouri?

If you already have your own business and would like to do business with the State of Missouri, take a look at some of the options:

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